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Enter Mindfulness is the MBCT coaching and therapy practice run by respected psychotherapist and pioneer in the field of  mindfulness meditation Dr Patrizia Collard.


About MBCT & Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be defined as bringing attention to the present moment, intentionally and without judgement. MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) applies traditional forms of mindfulness meditation that, with the right instruction and support, can be regularly self-administered and integrated into your daily life. This includes simple breathing meditations, body awareness, cognitive skills, and yoga exercises to help participants become more aware of the ‘now’, including getting in touch with moment-to-moment changes in the mind and the body.

Conducted in a series of classes covering the 8-stage MBCT program and by listening to recordings at home during the week, participants are introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation, utilising skills and techniques that will continue to be useful and effective long after the course itself has ended. Time and care is taken to ensure that all techniques are taught and re-enforced in a compassionate manner.


About Dr. Collard

Dr Patrizia Collard is a psychotherapist, trainer and coach offering a unique combination of professional qualifications and personal experience. Dr Collard uses her deep understanding of the destructive impact of stress and the resultant addictive/obsessive behaviour and increased anxiety to teach the practice of mindful meditation.

Dr Collard incorporates a large variety of techniques and approaches into her work, adapting her method to suit each situation, whether this involves working with individuals, groups or whole organisations. Her wide range of approaches and methodologies includes cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, core energy management, existential therapy, drama therapy, yoga and meditation, relaxation, and self-hypnosis.

Patrizia also lived in the Far East for 9 years (Hong Kong and China), where she developed a uniquely holistic approach. She is a member of many prominent psychotherapy organisations (BABCP, UKCP, Association for Coaching, Austrian Association for Behaviour Therapy, Institute for Health Promotion and Education and Obsessive Action) and is always in touch with current developments in her field of expertise.



Over the years, Dr Patrizia Collard has worked with a number of organisations, individuals and groups to enable the teaching of Mindfulness. These have been conducted in 1-on-1 situations as well as in academic and workshop environments. Her work is highly praised among colleagues, contemporaries and her students.

Having worked for many years as a university lecturer, school teacher, and actor, roles in which the ability to communicate ideas is critical and essential, Dr Collard’s workshops and personal sessions offer a fun, engaging and insightful way of developing a number of life-skills.

These are a brief selection of the testimonials that Dr Collard has received over the years from those who have worked with her.


Ten years ago when I was looking for a therapist to facilitate change in my life I found Dr Collard. Her tools include communication skills, conventional behavioural therapy through to meditation and mindfulness. With practise and her watchful coaching I feel comfortable using new skills to tackle current day problems.

NMD, 2012


As I am a diabetic, excess adrenalin can have adverse effects on my blood sugar levels. I found the information on how our minds control the chemicals our bodies produce fascinating. I found the facilitator excellent. She was non-threatening and I felt she was on my side. She was serious but had a sense of fun.

Mrs. E. P. (US, photographer)


Dr Patricia Collard first introduced me to Mindfulness in April 2009, [and] being Mindful has changed my life for the better in immeasurable ways and I continue to practice with her. I highly recommend Patricia as a trainer in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy.

Adrian Sonnex, Director, Wellbeing Hypnotherapy


Dr Patrizia Collard is both a skilled and a compassionate teacher. Her passion and gift for teaching for mindfulness based interventions is evident.

Linda Kantor, Director, Be-Awake


Dr Collard is someone whom I have worked with for a number of years. She is not only well trained and learned in a variety of approaches, but is someone who is always helpful and a joy to work with. Her intelligence, knowledge and understanding together with her personable approach makes her someone anyone would find useful to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Gladeana McMahon, Co-Director, Centre for Coaching


I have known Dr Patrizia Collard as a colleague since September 2004. During the last 6 years, I have acquired a deep knowledge of her clinical and research work. Apart from her ability to deliver the most exciting, interesting and thought-provoking workshops, Patrizia is also an experienced lecturer and prolific researcher. Her lucid and succinct descriptions of her work and the persuasiveness of her arguments can be observed in her papers and book chapters. Finally, as I believe that Patrizia is a highly reflective, ‘mindful’ practitioner and experienced researcher and lecturer, I therefore strongly recommend her to you.

Anastasios Gaitanidis, Senior Lecturer in Counselling, University of Hertfordshire


Dr Patrizia Collard is a keen and resourceful figure in the Mindfulness world, using initiative and creativity to enable significant mindfulness seminars to take place and contributing in the arena of discussion and increasing scientific research in this field. Patrizia is also a joy to work with and I value her contributions.

Sarah Lionheart MA PGCE MIfL, Director, Mindfulness Now