MBCT Teacher Development – Part 1

Price: £1150 (If paid by Employer: £1300)

Booking Email: workshopsstressminus@yahoo.co.uk

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Dates to be announced

Course Outline

A teacher development training course designed to introduce and develop MBCT teaching skills (lead by Dr. Collard and assisted by experienced movement teacher Helen Stephenson).

This non-residential* five-day training workshop at our venue in Honor Oak Park, SE23 will facilitate the deepening of your personal mindfulness practice. The main focus will be on developing sound teaching skills in MBCT and skills in inquiry and dialogue. The course is largely interactive and experiential, and you will be required to demonstrate teaching skills in small groups and discuss your experiences with one another, as well as doing meditation homework.

1 room and 1 couch may be available at the venue on a first come, first served basis: £38 for room per night or £30 for couch per night.

Participants must also submit a brief journal (up to 2000 words), one month prior to the start of the course, containing:

  1. A summary of your regular practice (including difficulties that came up and how you dealt with them).
  2. Retreat experiences; dates and nature of each retreat.
  3. Insights gained through reading the two main textbooks (‘MBCT for Dummies’ by Dr Patrizia Collard and ‘MBCT for Depression’ by Williams, Teasdale and Segal).
  4. Insights gained when teaching the three main practices to cohorts/friends.

Please email us at contact@entermindfulness.com for more information or to book your place, having filled out and attached the following application form (subject line: MBCT Teacher Development 1).

Other Information: The training is in line with established MBCT trainer training standards and consists of 46 hours of teaching to a maximum of 12 participants (thus ensuring a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1). The course fee includes basic refreshments but not meals. There are several cafés and shops nearby where you can purchase food, which can also be stored at the venue (within reason).

NOTE: All participants are required to take part in a one-to-one telephone interview with Dr Collard in order to assess their suitability prior to taking part in the workshop. Participants will need to provide evidence of possessing the following essential attendance criteria:

  • Have attended an eight-week course in MBCT/MBSR.
  • Have professional training and experience in the context of which they plan to teach/integrate mindfulness.
  • Have a real commitment to engage in this style of learning (non-fixing, letting things evolve, suspending habitual ways of thinking, engaging into a process of ‘being’ and ‘unfolding’, working from the heart and with compassion).
  • Have experience of daily mindfulness practice over at least one year and sufficient depth of personal experience of mindfulness practice to begin the development of competency in teaching. (Having practiced with cohorts or friends the various aspects of teaching required for delivering the eight-week course).
  • Have in-depth personal experience of the main practices taught in mindfulness-based approaches (body scan, sitting practice and mindful movement practice – at least one of the following: walking, yoga, tai chi or qi gong).
  • Have attended at least one-week silent retreat and a few one-day or two-day retreats where mindfulness or insight meditation were experienced.
  • Have studied ‘MBCT for Dummies’ and ‘Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression’ in depth.


Booking Email: workshopsstressminus@yahoo.co.uk

Inquiry Email: stressminus@yahoo.com