Live Your Life

Live Your Life Price – £500

(7 one-on-one sessions)

Live or via Skype (Afternoon and evening sessions available)

A course designed for individuals who wish to explore the possibility of change and freshness in how they are presently living their live.

Have you ever wondered about what your life is really about? What keeps you getting up in the morning (or not)? Have you identified what your purpose, your roles, your joys may be? Sometimes in order to do the things we love, we have to do other, less satisfying things in order to support our calling. Being flexible and open-minded is one of the keys.

This one-to-one course of 7 coaching sessions includes interventions and practices to help you stay focused, resilient, mindful, compassionate, flexible, curious and creative. The sessions can be arranged to fit your time frame and can be taken in person (London or Vienna) or via Skype. The goal is to learn and really ‘Live Your Life’. Time and venue are flexible.

Please email Dr Collard directly at for further inquiries (subject line: Live Your Life).