Stressminus is Dr Collard’s alternative practice website. The Stressminus programme teaches clients a variety of life-skills, enabling them to build confidence and self-assurance, to cope more effectively with the stresses of life.



Helen Stephenson (co-practitioner)

Helen Stephenson

Helen has practised yoga and Vipassana (Insight) meditation since 1979. She has attended retreats with Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Christina Feldman and Christopher Titmuss. Since 1981, she has studied classical yoga under the spiritual guidance of the Indian yoga teacher Sri S. Rajagopalan. She worked as a Senior Pilates teacher and has taught at retreats in the UK, Germany, Russia, Belgium and Switzerland. She is also a Relate certified counsellor.

Website: MindfulnessMK


Juliet Adams

Juliet Adams

Juliet has over 20 years experiences working on learning, organisational and leadership initiatives within large organisations. She is the founder of, a leading independent mindfulness information resource. In 2012, she arranged the first Mindfulness at work conference, and is currently planning the 2014 conference in partnership with Cranfield University School of management . She is author of ‘Making the Business Case for Mindfulness’ (2012) and co-author of ‘Mindfulness at Work for Dummies’ (2014). Based in Cambridge, she develops and delivers leadership programmes and teaches mindfulness in UK workplaces.



Ana Ribeiro

Ana has been practising meditation her whole life, having attended silent meditation retreats in the UK and abroad, within various traditions including those of Advaita & Insight (Vipassana) and Krishnamurti & Gurdjieff. She is also a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in neuroscience (having many years experience in mental health and psychological therapies with adolescents and adults) and is an NLP Practitioner with vast experience in self-development and confidence building, facilitating change & transformation. She is based in London, where she  teaches individuals and small groups, and continues to practice and develop her skills & experience. She speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.